Microscopy Society Malaysia Micrograph Competition

Select your best micrographs and print out and display in the conference!

This competition rewards the innovative of displaying artistic science.   All you need to do is to print out the best micrograph(s) you have.  Pass the micrograph(s) to the secretariat during the registration and we will put up the micrographs on a display board.  Please scroll down to look at the categories that you can enter.  
Winning micrographs will be selected on the basis of artistic merit.  A panel of judges will come and assessed the micrographs. The winner of Micrograph Competition will be featured in Malaysian Journal of Microscopy Vol. 13 2017.  


•    Entries must be scientifically significant
•    Entries must contain novel information useful in resolving a scientific issue, and/or
•    Present established information in a way that dramatically enhances its comprehension or interpretation


  1. An individual may submit a maximum of two (2) entries (one award per entrant).
  2. Entries must have overall dimensions of 11" x 14" (horizontal or vertical) Micrographs may be mounted so that they have borders.
  3. Each entry must have a separate text sheet with the title and a 200-word (max) description of the image, including the technique and its scientific significance. Text is recommended to be printed in 14-pt Times New Roman font on a separate 8½" x 11" sheet. Entrant's name, address, employer/institution, email address, and image title shall be posted on the back of the mounted entry(ies).
  4. Entries must be brought to the conference and mounted on the display boards by 12:00 noon.
  5. Winners will be announced at the meeting poster awards at the last day of conference. Submitted micrographs remain the property of the entrants.


1.    Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM):
   i.    TEM-biology
  ii.    TEM-materials

2.    Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM):
    i.    SEM-biology
   ii.    SEM-materials

3.    Others- Confocal, light, atomic force
   i.    Others-biology
  ii.    Others-materials